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At Sheridan Security Systems we pride ourselves as installers of high quality CCTV systems

Our installation team will supply and CCTV solution that has been tailored exactly to your needs.

All individual products are carefully chosen to ensure value for money and reliability. Such careful choices ensure that these products will integrate fully with each other to produce a fully tested reliable system.

Our engineers are fully trained on the chosen products, most often by the manufacturer/supplier, but also supported by in-house training to ensure that they are fully up to standard.

The workmanship is neat, careful and functional, frequently going beyond the normal expectation.

Sheridan Security Systems has installed and provides ongoing support to large and small systems from the single camera to 64 camera systems together with sophisticated control equipment.

Digital systems have now completely replaced analogue and Sheridan Security Systems were at the forefront in this advance in technology and now had significant expertise and experience on which to draw.

Dowshu DVR 3000 Dowshu iQ DVR series v5 Plexety range march 08irish v5
Dowshu DVR 3000" Dowshu iQ DVR series v5" Plexety range march 08